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          Name£ºDRJL-Series electro-thermal gummed tape vulcanizing machine

                Performance and characteristic of DRJL series gummed tape vulcanizing machine
          The vulcanizing machine and repairing machine are of the full automation and high precision joint repairing equipment produced by our factory,which adopts unique process and technology,with high control precision of vulcanization temperature(accurate to every degree),uniform vulcanization pressure,simple operating system,and light weight.The vulcanizing machine and repairing machine are lighter than the original one by 1/3in weight.They have reliable quality and durable service,and obtain new practical type patent(patent number:EL92218270.1),filling a domestic gap in this field.
              1.Unique upper and lower heating plate,adopting special high strength material and process for production.Its characteristics are:
              (1)Light weight,high strength,low energy consumption,quick temperature rise,high temperature resistance,rather flexible heating plate.If the gummed tape surface is not smooth,the heating plate shall be adjusted according to ups and downs of the gummed surface so as to ensure the uniform pressure at different points.In this way,it shall always aling to the gummed tape surface,under the pressure of 1.5Mpa.Its parallel compactness is no more than 0.03mm,but the conventional machine has not this function and cannot resist high temperature and is easy to deform.
               (2)Short jointing time,generally 35-45 minutes;
              (3)Integral thermal conduction,heating layer and quick cooling system.Simple structure,convenient installation,maintenance,and repair.
              2.Unique high efficient and quick cooling system:
          Based on the first generation purple-copper pipe water-cooling device,the factory has developed more reasonable and advanced second-generation high efficient system with an epoch-marking significance.Quick cooling from 145¡æ to 70¡æ only needs 5 minutes under control,which shall greatly accelerate the joining speed and shorten down time.and in the meanwhile.improve the joint strength and maintain the joint.
              3.Unique hydraulic capsule:
              (1)The conventional hydraulic plate is made of rigid sheet,being bulky and uneven press and easy leakage under high pressure;
              The hydraulic capsule produced by our factory adopts unique process and has special structure and uniform stress.It has undergone many highland tests and high-pressure tests at 1.8Mpa for 30min and is with no leakage,being at the international leading level.
              (2)The hydraulic capsule is applicable to water pressure and/or air pressure purpose;
              4.Unique six-core cable flat plug:
              (1)The incoming line for power source abopts our unique six-core cable plug.In this way,the multi-line and multi-plug disadvantages have been solved to integrate and simplify the line.
              (2)The heating plate is fitted with adjustable and invisible handle,which can be pulled our for operation at any moment easily.
              5.Unique automaticelectric control cabinet:
              (1)In order to ensure its durable service,its electric components are the highly sophisticated products from Fuji,and can preset the vulcanization time and temperature with the entire vulcanization process under full automatic control,together with temporary emergency system and automatic trouble display function.The alarm bell sounds the end of operation.
              (2)The electric cabinet is beautiful and compact in appearance,adopting the advanced vertical double layer water proofing and organic glass applicable to the operation under heavy weather such as sandstorm,rainstorm,burning sun,etc.
              (3)Having the electric leakage automatic switch with the ouerload and short circuit leakage protection performance to ensure personal safety.
              (4)Since the line is integrated and simplified and the operating program is automatic,with uniform plug and socket,the electric cabinet can be used on all vulcanizing machines and repairing machines in the factory.But the conventional one has this performance.
              6.Unique handle:
              The handle has the characteristics of flexible soft jointing;it shall not scald hand during high temperature operation,with chromium plating and beautiful and compact appearance.

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