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          NameSpot repair machine

                It is light weight, portability, and in general a person will be able to move for canvas, nylon, steel ropes and other types of transport tape a damage point of repair works, the largest patch to reach 300 300mm, electric heating disc specifications for the appearance of 350 350mm, when the curing temperature for patch 145 , normally between 0 ~ 200 can be adjusted. Use 220V/380V AC, vulcanization pressure is 1.0Mpa, the largest can reach 1.5Mpa, operation and use of electronic control box automatic control, manual hydraulic pressure by the hot rod resistance thermometer for temperature measurement, operation simple convenience, the work of Resistive Plate when the surface temperature difference less than 3 ~ 4 , the conveyor belt is the ideal repair equipment.
                 The aircraft electrical control box with my company produces all vulcanizer / Universal Joints machine.

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