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              The Beijing-zhenhu Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu New Hualian Industrial Park, Tongzhou District of Beijing Municipality, in the east of Chang'an Avenue of the capital,20 km away from Tiananmen Square, close to Beijing Liuhuanlu, near the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, Jing-Jin-Tang Expressway and the Capital International Airport. The traffic is very much developed and convenient. Address: Taihu New Hualian Industrial Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing

               The factory adopts the advanced technology and unique design both at home and abeoad to successfully develop its DRJL Model electrothermal gummed tape Vulcanizing machine and gummed tape-repairing machine,filling a domestic gap in this field.It obtained National Patent in 1993,the golden prize of the Sixth New Technology and New Product Exposition in 1994,the National Level New Product Certificate awarded by State Science and Technology Commission together with other five ministries and administrations in 1995,and the golden prize of the 45th  Eureka International Invention Exposition in Nov.1996 in Brussels,capital of Belgium,meanwhile the highest medal honor for personal invention-Knight Medal.
              Compared with the similar products both at home and abroad,the products produced by the factory have the advantages of small size,light weight,and compactness.The electric cabinet is small and flexible.The electric is also very simple with an automatic operational sequence.The products are with the characteristics of high jointing strength and power and time saving.The joint is flat and smooth.Its performance is just the same as the oyiginal belt.IT is the primary and indispensable jointing device for a variety of conveying belts for mine,electric power plant,chemical plant,harbor,coal,building materials and cement plant,etc.Furthermore,it is an ideal jointing device for the first aid repair on site,and now,it is equipped with water-cooling device as the originative one in China.Practice and data show that its performance and technical indicators have reached the leading international level. 

              For many years,our products have been soid to hundreds of middle and large sized enterprises throughout the country,such as Shouhang Group, Bao Steel Group,Panzhihua Lron Steel Co.,Datong Cement Plant, Guangdong Xiji Harbor Bureau,Shanghai Minsheng harbor business burea, Fuzhou Huaneng Power Plant, Dalian Huaneng Power Plant, Chaohu Huaneng Power Plant, Chongqing Luoheng Power Plant, Lanzhou Petrochemical Piant, Urumchi Petrochemical Parent Plant and also to foreign countries and other overseas regions suchasTaiwan,South,Korea,Canada,NorthKorea,

          Congo,India,Thailand,Vietnam,Bangladesh,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Lithuania,Guyana and Austria.According to the customersfeedback,our products have been highly praised.

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          Taihu New Hualian Industrial Park Tongzhou District of Beijing Municipality
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